Q: Is Personal training for everyone?
A: Yes, people of all ages can hire a trainer . From the beginner to the accomplished athlete , everyone will benefit from personal training.
Q: What are the benefits of personal training?
A: Optimise your time and energy for working out. Many people waste valuable time exercising incorrectly or doing the same programme for years.This may cause imbalance which can lead to injuries overtime.
With the full support of a personal trainer you will get results, stay motivated and achieve your goals   .
Q: What's the first consultation about?
A: during the first meeting , its important to talk about your health history, your fitness regime, eating habits and of course your goals.
whether you are looking to lose weight and / or get fitter, you will be invited  to provide a sample of your daily food intake which will be used to create a healthier and more efficient food plan.
Some tests will also be performed during that first appointment : blood pressure, resting heart rate, bmi, body fat composition...
Q: what is a personal training session about?
A: A typical session start with weight or body fat measurement to make sure you are on the right track. You will also get expert tips about fitness and nutrition . The workout itself consist of some cardiovascular exercises and a big focus on resistance training to boost up your metabolism and burn more calories even at rest. Pilates, boxercise, gym ball exercises and stretching can also be part of the programme. Usually people notice an increase in performance or body shape each week.
Q: how much is it and how many workouts should I schedule in a week?
A: A one2 one session cost from 30 euro and will give you great results. However it is important that you follow the food plan and engage into some extra cardio exercises like walking, running, cycling or swimming...

Q: I am a woman , will I get big muscles if I do weights ?
A: It is very difficult for women to gain big muscles because of their low testoterone level.
In fact weights will tone up your muscles, making them more firm and dense. It will increase your bone density  and reduce the risk of osteoporosis or postpone it.
Free weights strengthen your muscles and joints, boost up your metabolism and help your body to burn more calories at rest.
Q: Can I book a session of personal training if I suffer from a physical disability  ?
A: In most cases yes. Some exercises can be performed on a treatment table using neuromuscular therapy techniques and excentric contractions . Outcall service also available for rehabilitation.
Q: Can pregnant women exercise ?
A: Yes. The workout will be modified depending on the stage of the pregnancy. Actually research shows that keeping fit will help .

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